Earl Grey Lingerie.

I have been toying with the idea of making my own underwear lately. And while I haven’t actually gotten around to doing it yet, I still thought it’d be a fun practice project to make some mock logos for a lingerie line! Here is what I came up with this afternoon.


Flower Children

I thought I’d post a few shots from a quickie shoot I did of my two favorite models in my backyard some time ago. Every Spring there are 5 thriving rose bushes in that yard and I loved gathering the big fluffy roses and making a bouquet for the table. But, this particular Spring, when I plucked them I tried to fashion them into a couple of lush flower crowns. It kind of worked out. I asked Sarah and Stephanie to put them on as I followed them around the yard and got a few shots. Even though these photos are over a year old, and I don’t live at that house anymore, I still thought they’d be fun to share in the spirit of catching up with past work.






Decorate your life with Doll Heads!

So, I took some photos of my dolls, and edited them up so that they were just floating heads and made a simple pattern out of them.


I am pretty stoked with how it came out and have uploaded the pattern to Spoonflower and Society 6 to be printed on fabric, wrapping paper, leggings, shower curtains, throw rugs and more! I think the wrapping paper is a pretty big winner. But, the shower curtain might be my favorite.

dollheadpattern layout

I snagged myself a roll of wrapping paper and a strip of the peel and stick wallpaper with the larger heads to try out. I am so pumped! The wrapping paper looks great! I wish I had something wrap right NOW! I plan to cut the heads from the peel and stick wallpaper… oh yeah!


Decorate your life with floating doll heads by shopping onScreen Shot 2015-08-17 at 9.15.46 PM






Wandering throughout Chicago

I tagged along with my fiance to Chicago last year while he was attending a conference. I had never been before and seemed like a fun opportunity to spend some time really getting to explore a city solo (which I also had never done) Since Mario was at his conference about 9-4 each day, I spent most days just hoofin’ around town taking photos. Mario and I got to eat dinners and some lunches together. And every night after the conference we went out to do something fun. We saw a comedy show, met up with my Brother in Law (who lives there) to hang out and get the real Chicago tour. It was a really cool trip.

Most of the photos I took on my trip to Chicago included a little stow away that I packed in my photo bag and carried in my pocket everywhere I walked in Chicago. I have already shared most of these photos on instagram way back when, while I was in Chicago but I always meant to share them here.





I spent a lot of time looking up in Chicago. As one would. Being from the suburbs of San Francisco, I am not new to tall buildings. However, in Chicago the buildings are different. Each one is so unique and they are all beautiful.



I walked along the Riverwalk everyday. Our hotel was just along it and our room even had a view of the river!


My brother in law has a friend who was a student at The art Institute of Chicago. She  was kind enough to give me one of her passes to visit the museum on one of the days that Mario was at the conference. It was definitely one of the highlights of the trip.





I was floored seeing Van Gogh’s self portrait in person. I remember first learning about Van Gogh in my elementary school art class. Seeing some of his work in person, for real, for the first time was pretty incredible.


American Gothic was another favorite to get to experience in real life. I hung out here for a while.


And because it’s Chicago, you have to take in all of the fantastic Frank Geary architecture and design. Out hotel was just on the opposite side of the river as Millennium Park. It was so easy to get to every day. I loved getting to wander through it to check out all of the incredible design and art installments. Maggie Daley Park was in the middle of being built while we were there. And just the construction of it looked incredible. I’d love to get back to see the finished park someday. It looks like a fun spot!


Chicago is a pretty fantastic place. I do hope to go back. The food was fantastic, the city is so CLEAN and there is this serene sense of calm through out the city late late at night that I was not expecting. It was odd, maybe eerie. But I liked it.

My Doll Head Muses

I have found that I have been having a really hard time updating my blog. It’s been quite upsetting and so silly. What I have been struggling with is coming up with what to post. Or more likely, having the confidence to post what I have to post. Well, I am finally gathering some past and current photography to share here. I have been studying and practicing the art of photography for over 15 years at this point. But, for the past 3 ears I have been studying it a bit more properly. You know, in a classroom and a darkroom (awwyeah!) So, to find myself with a lack of content is foolish. I have folders upon folders of images that I have taken and that I WANT so badly to share.


Today, I wanted to start with a few images that formally begin to introduce some of my favorite photographic subjects, my doll heads. I have been collecting these lovelies since I began going to the Alameda Point Antiques Fair, which I have posted about here. My sister in law, brother and I have been attending every month for the past almost 2 years now. I snag up any reasonably priced fully intact dolls, doll heads and various doll parts that look like they’d make for great photos.


I took these photos while I was enrolled in a black and film photography class a couple semesters ago.  I was trying to mimic a portrait I was inspired by that I found on Pinterest. I loved the glow of the light peeking around the curve in the gals face. It’s quite lovely. Since I was shooting for a film class, I thought it be a good idea to take a few practice shots in digital. I don’t usually take practice shots when I’m shooting film, but I was home and I wanted to make sure something could come out. You know, because taking photos directly into a light source can be foolish. But playing is fun! And that’s why I have been loving photography so much. I love experimenting and breaking the rules every so often.


Layouts by Pugly Pixel.


Photoshop skill level = nearing AWESOME!

I just completed watching every single screencast from Pugly Pixel’s Photoshop Basics tutorial collection. I have been a fan of Katrina’s design style for some time. It was quite a thrill to rediscover her site recently. I was ecstatic to find that she has created so many fantastic tutorials while I was hunting for various adobe suite and web design courses and tutorials to try out.

I tried to use some of my own photographs and artwork while following along with the tutorials, while also using some of the suggested artwork! I saved some of my favorite finished projects throughout the courses and thought it’s be fun to share what I made while going through it!


doll layoutDrop shadows:


Warped Drop Shadow – with layout exercise:



Clipping masks – with layout exercise:

Frames /Patterns – with layout exercise:


This was easily the most fun I had while learning new skills. And now I can’t wait to start Katrina’s CSS for beginners course!

flower photos edited with permission from the Biodiversity Heritage Library – Le Jardin and Grand Prix Dahlia | dots, lines and grid patterns:  Line 25 pixel patterns | text samples from Cupcake Ipsum.

What on Earth have I been up to?

I wanted to take some time to post an over due update on my life, where I have been and what I have been up to!

In 2014, I left my Customer Service position behind for an exciting new position in Social Media Marketing! I was thrilled to be moving into a more creative position. I was excited to take photos for work, and to share beautiful images on Social Media and to get paid for something I was doing all day, everyday already. It was a great opportunity and I am so glad that I made the shift when I did. Part of my job included helping to plan and style product photo shoots, as well as helping in studio at those shoots. I also got to organize little lifestyle shoots of my own here and there!dressshootAs you may know from this blog, I had also started taking Film Photography classes at my local community college about a year prior and had begun working towards obtaining an Art/Design degree. I have had creative jobs here and there, but I knew that I wanted to get my degree to learn more than what had taught myself, to add to my skill set and to help me get my foot in the door for more creative positions. I really wanted to get on a career path towards Graphic/Web/Textile Design.

Back to my Social Media Marketing role. It was somewhat short-lived. Just this last April, I left the company I was working for while my Father’s health was in decline. My Father had been diagnosed with a very aggressive, late stager prostate cancer 3 years ago. He took chemotherapy like a champ, and fought hard and strong. This last February, we were told that they could no longer give him chemotherapy treatments and that we had to prepare to make him comfortable for what time he had left. DaddyMy Father passed away 1 month ago this week. It’s quite unfair, but I am trying to remain tough through it. While it’s been a weird time for me, it has helped me to clarify many things. My Dad always encouraged us to work hard and to follow our passions. He was always proud of every job I took on. He loved seeing my brother, sister and myself work hard, he wanted to see us succeed. I was not always 100% proud of the positions I had held. I have worked for a lot of great companies and have met some amazing people. But, I wasn’t always content with the work I was doing day to day.  Although I was working for these great companies in these fancy offices and went to meetings, I realized that I was still working jobs. I did not yet have the career that I wanted.

On my way back to work, I am now trying to pack in as much knowledge as I can in order to land myself the best job for me. I am taking some courses at my local community college as well as online. I am packing in as much as I can in a short amount of time, while looking for jobs in the interim. I am excited for the possibilities and potential new adventures on the horizon!


Portrait photography short.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Photographing people is always something that I enjoyed. When I first really got into taking photos, it was because my friends and I all love taking pictures and having our picture taken, of course. So naturally we always had cameras in tow. I love capturing candid shots, and I sort of developed that in the beginning of my photography journey.

When I enrolled in proper photography courses this last year, I mostly took photos of Dolls, still life photos that I posed and put together. I love doing it, however one of my assignments towards the end of my first semester was to shoot portraits. I felt confident that I had the experience and skill to do so, being that I had taken countless photos of people for fun most of my adolescent and adult life. I learned quickly, that portraits required something special.

Today, I am quickly sharing 2 of my very first simple and rather amateur portraits. However, simple and amateur they may be, I am still proud of them. And, I’ll be back to share more portraits and more of my thoughts and experiences with portrait photography soon!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

My 32nd year manifesto.

A Birthday wishlist of sorts, for the year ahead.

This year I want to go on more adventures.
I want to go hiking outside of the Peninsula Bay Area, or anywhere that I have never hiked before.
I so want to spend time in the snow, preferably skiing or snowboarding.
I want to try paddle boarding and surfing, and I also just want to play in the ocean and jump through some waves!
I want to do cartwheels on grass fields, and ride my bike for miles with the music turned up loud in my headphones.

I want to take pictures.
Oh boy, I want to take so many pictures.
And then I want to make photographs.

I want to create a HOME.
I want to build a place that is full of love and comfort.
I want to build a place that feels peaceful, happy, and also inspiring.

I want to learn.
I want to keep taking classes that are rewarding and fulfilling in the long term.
I want to build my knowledge base both academically and in various crafts.

I want to work.
I want to build a brand.
I want to design and execute beautiful ideas.

I want to reconnect with friends that I have grown distant with over the years.
There are so many dear people that I miss who are nearby. I have simply turned into a poor and lazy friend, a person that I never thought I would be and it is something that troubles me each day.

I want to ensure that my family really feels how much I truly love them, by being better at showing my affection for the people that mean the most to me.

I want to inspire others to be happy. To accept the crap that happens, and to find the good in everything.

I know there is more that I want to do and see and be, but I think this is a decent start. Here’s to 32!

A not so recent Wyoming adventure.

Back in October of last year (2013), I had the opportunity to Travel to Wyoming with Mario to see his Mother, meet his Grandmother and much of his family that lives out there. It was such a great trip to such a beautiful place. And, I got to meet some really great people, and spend valuable time with his Grandmother.

I had never been to Wyoming and had no idea what to expect. I didn’t pack either of my SLR cameras, not knowing the insane amount of photo opportunities there would be (at least, I know for next time…) So, I only took photos using my iPhone and then edited them lightly in Photoshop.

We had a rental car, and the second day we were there, we packed it up and headed out on a road trip to Thermopolis to stay over night.

IMG_2869 copy

This was taken at a spot on the way, called Hell’s Half Acre. It is a canyon type area with all these crazy rock formations. It looks like dinosaurs should be roaming or something. I was told that there used to be a motel and restaurant at the location. But, they both have since closed and the area is fenced off. It would be great to get back there with my real camera.

IMG_2872 copy

Up next are photos from our stay in Thermopolis. We spent some time exploring caves that Mario’s grandfather used to hang out in. Thermopolis has natural hot springs and the cave we went into was warm and steamy, like a small spa. But, I was too scared to get too far in or spend very much time inside.


IMG_3059 copy

final1Back in Casper, we got to spend some time on Gothberg Ranch, owned by Mario’s Uncle. It is one the most incredible properties I’ve seen. Mario’s Uncle took us on a tour of the land in a Kawasaki 4×4 jeep type thing. We busted up the hill towards Casper Mountain and it was beautiful. We ran into some of the cows that graze on the land ans well as his horses that are allowed to roam free on his huge property.

As we were cruising around on all this sprawling gorgeous land, I kept singing to myself “Give me land lots of land, under starry skies above, don’t fence me in…”


IMG_3171 copy




IMG_3139 copyOn my last day there (I had to head home early for school) Mario’s Mother took us to her mountain land. And to a nearby park with a waterfall. Most of the photos below were taken on her land, expect for the waterfall photo. This was another beautiful property. Only this time, we were in the mountains, surrounded by tall trees. It was such a pretty spot to hang out and explore in.

IMG_3230 copy


Photo Oct 21, 11 15 12 AM copy

IMG_3224 copy