keeps getting better.

keeps getting better.

I’m sure something horrible is going to happen soon and all my excitement will be crushed…
BUT, I JUST got the word on painting our apartment and we are a GO!!!
That’s right folks, The apartment manager told me I can do it myself.
So, Stephanie, if you even read this, you need to make yourself available to me one day and come play with me and some serious paint and boring white walls. Anyone else too! Emily, Lisa, Sari, Laura. Let’s have a painting party. If ya’ll are down, I’m planning that shit. We can feast too!

A few ideas:
Stripes! I love the idea of a striped or some sort of patterned wall.

I think a want to do a Dark Teal wall in the bedroom, something like these colors.

3 Responses

  1. EssEmmBee

    yes yes yes. Im always down to help out. Im good with the trim, im just good with painting all together… not to toot my own horn or anything =)

  2. Just Kristi

    I LOVE the stripes. When we move I want to do our guest room in a super crazy color, like hot pink and black and white stripes!! Can't wait to see what you come up with.

  3. Lisa Marie

    Yes… a painting party would be awesome! Black and white are always great colors… Harley has informed me that black and white will be the theme for "events" in our future…

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