Totally lagging.

Totally lagging.

I’ll work on getting photos of the bedroom (which is currently in works) tonight. We bought the paint color Friday night and got a little nervous when I saw how light it looked. (I’m new to the painting thing, I’m allowed to be confused) Anyhow, I got theat shit done all by myself Saturday Morning while Jeremy was working, with two minor mishaps (some paint where it shouldn’t be) nothing that can’t be fixed easily. And The color turned out great! Look for it later!

I NEEEEEED a dresser (and nightstand). My hunt is not going well 🙁

Here are some FUN photos, if you’re bored and love Hollywood as much as I do!



And, More John Wayne below, because this quote from his daughter, makes him my new hero:

“Dad loved to watch the kids get a kick out of it all; it pleased him to see happy children. He was the first one awake on Christmas morning because he took such pleasure in seeing children open their gifts. I remember he would pace the hallways at 4:00 A.M., and I thought it was Santa—but it was my dad waiting for daylight so we could open our presents… Funny, isn’t it? For a tough cowboy, he was the biggest mush-ball you ever came across.”

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