I got my furniture for the bedroom!!! I am so in love with it. I originally set out to find pieces to paint, but I’m too happy with these. Paint would actually ruin them, I feel like.

Picture 0601 of 2 night stands.

Picture 058dresser #1

Picture 064dresser #2

Picture 067messy room! at least, with furniture now!

yippeeeee! I Loooove craigslist. This all worked out so nicely. Thanks especially to my sister for driving with us to get the first dresser and night stands in her car. She is amazing for lending her time during the week. And then to the guy for dropping off the second dresser to us! so helpful…

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  1. It’s coming along SOOO good mama! I am so UBER jealous that you get to paint your walls. I can’t wait to see the finished product at your PAR-TAY next weekend! 🙂

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