Going to buy this tonight:


It’s 9 feet tall.

So stoked.

I have never done a fake tree before. When living with my parents, we always cut them down. When living with my sister, we’ve always either gone to cut one down or bought one at the lot (or Target!) Last year, we didn’t even get one, it was horribly depressing. The year before that we lived on the third floor, and had this great living room with high ceilings and wanted to take advantage. We went to chop a big sucker down. Well, putting it up in the stand was NOT fun. It was gorgeous once we got it straight. Taking it down, was a headache, to say the least. The pine needles were everywhere places, the tree never even passed through! Well, I ended up breaking my perfectly good vacuum that year.

I LOVE the smell of Christmas trees! and I have definitely knocked faux tress in the past… but, until I have good man around to do the dirty work. I’m going fakey. Hey if it goes well, I may stay fake forever!  I found this 9 foot  pre lit kirkland signature one used, so it was cheaper! I can have the BIG tree I want, with less clean up.

And, I bought a  pine scented reed diffuser that I plan to hide behind or inside the tree somewhere… hehe. tricky….



I could barely enjoy my grilled cheese lunch today thanks to needing 3 anesthesia shots from the dentist this afternoon. :(  I’m currently working on getting my teeth issues taken care of before the end of the year. and it kind of  has my stomach in knots… But, it’s my own fault. Should have taken better care of these things from the start.

I LOVE my dentist! I never thought I’d say that. My previous dentist was a douche bag. See, I get really freaked at the dentist. I don’t like sharp object in my mouth, I HATE the sounds the drills make, and I worry A) the dentist will slip while some sharp object is in my mouth and stab, or B) go crazy and purposely stab me. I know it’s irrational. I don’t know where it came from. Well, my previous dentist would get pissed when I tensed up. No sympathy. My current dentist is an angel for putting up with my nonsense, raising my hand every 5 seconds because I’m nervous that I might  be stabbed with one of their torture devices that’s having a party in my mouth.

TODAY, I went in for a filling, I need 5 :/ please, please, try hard not to judge. Well, when she finished she said surprise! and had done 2! <333

So, I’m brainstorming and would love suggestions and ideas. What is a nice Thank You/Holiday gift I can send to my dentist office? You know, on top of the $$$ I’m paying her…

Side notes: – This week is going by too slow. – I am in LOVE with weather! the sky is BLUE, the sun is shining, and it’s a crispy 60 degrees. I love my scarves and jackets but I love the sun and hate the rain. So, this is my ideal weather.



Jimmy Choo.

So, Friday night my on-top-of-her-shit Sister, Sarah cakers, told me of her plan to drag her roommate and best friend to the city for the release of the Jimmy Choo for H&M line. she coyly said, you can come if you want… please, I have been drooling over these flats for months, since I started to see previews of the line.

Jimmy Choo for H&M (6) hellllooooo pretties!

I contemplated and decided. Heck! I don’t need to travel to San Fransisco! There is an H&M 20 minutes from my house at a mall that I happen to LOVE. So, I thank her and say I’ll go scope out the other location. I decide about 20 minuted later to call said location to confirm they will have the Jimmy Choo line. The sales woman said only SF will have it. So, I decided to jump on board with Sarah and Steph and make the trek to SF Saturday morning. Sarah decided to look up what time the store was opening. in her research, she discovered that 8, yes 8 US stores were getting the Jimmy Choo line. San Fransisco was the only California store. Madness. Why deprive people of affordable Jimmy Choo. Kind of cruel.

So, I set my alarm for 7am Saturday morning. Met with the Girls in Burlingame, as well as Steph’s awesome and possibly crazy for joining us, boyfriend. I don’t think he had a clue as to what he was in for. And neither did any of us girls for that matter. I knew it would be crazy, but not to the level we experienced. We got to the doors of H&M at about 845am-ish, and followed the line that began to wrap around the corner, and then a 2nd corner and then a 3rd, really we weren’t far from being back at the doors by the time we reached the end of the line. So we secured our spot. The line began moving after 9. The store was to open at 10. I heard something about the store opening at 9am for only the first 100 in line… I’m not sure, but it fit with how things were moving.

At 10am, the line just started moving, and we got right in that door! And I lost sight of everyone! it was insane. So much happened that to blog about it would take all day, and no one would want to read about it. Short synopsis: Girls were fighting, crying, teaming up, trading, buying things off people to then go buy from H&M. Steph was amazing and found hella shit, getting hand out from people who got into the Jimmy Choo area. Which, was sectioned off from the rest of the store, and the first 160 people had wristbands to go in, then after they were done (10 people went in at a time for 10 minutes, there were countdowns and loudspeakers!) The regular late people could line up. We were there at 9am, and this was our crowd. Sarah and I stood in line, while Steph continued to collect items. We cheered and clapped when someone got something they wanted. It was like a game.


In line, looking onto the “area” shelves, getting emptied.


Trying to get a shot of the line behind us. didn’t do too well.

Sarah and I eventually got into the Jimmy Choo Heaven, where there were everything had been ransacked, not much was left. I see the thinner shoe box and make my move! 10 pairs of the exact flats I want in size 9’s! Are you kidding me? Jimmy Choo made extra just for me, I’m convinced. Until that moment, I thought for sure they’d be gone and I’d have waited hours for nothing.


I got my flats! And, quite a few other gems. Here is my current Jimmy Choo for H&M inventory:


Yeah, I got a 2nd pair. I would have doubled up on black, but you were only allowed to purchase 1 of any style.


This belt gives me wet dreams. Sorry, tmi. It’s amazing, though. Really.


I don’t have any really nice purses. I always buy Forever 21, and a few Urban outfitters. Because I tend to enjoy switching it up and having the variety. But, now I have one nice handbag, and it’s really versatile, in my opinion. And very much my taste. As is most of the line.


This top was the most impulsive purchase. I should have left it behind… In the beginning of the whole thing, this was the first item I had. and, I thought it might be the only thing I would have the chance to get. I thought it was kind of fun. At the register I told the girl, I was going to leave it behind. Well, she looked at me like I was crazy. And I fell for it, and took it home. I tried it on quickly that evening and wasn’t stoked on it. I think I need to try it with a full ensemble to appreciate it. But, it may end up on eBay :/


Jimmy Blue, scarf! I love the color. It was a bit of a theme.

I got a few other great, plain old H&M items that I am super stoked about also. But this post is nuts, so I’ll start a new one!


Sarah and i are clearly the crazy ones. We do take after a certain Mrs. Alana Brandt, to be fair.

Oh Happy day.

So, The target in my town, Sunnyvale, closed in January of 2009. it was very upsetting. I remember very vividly, Sarah and I went for a regular shopping trip to our local target, and noticed that half the store was cleaned out! Just empty shelves everywhere, and people breaking down displays. So, we asked, and a girl said that it that day was the last day it was open, and that it was closing for remodel. Now, this target was a newer one, in my book. it had the Starbucks and whatever. It was also HUGE, 2 stories. the parking Garage did suck a fat one though. I was still bummed. We had to find the next closest Target. Mountain View. Sorry, folks, that location sucks. 1st complaint, no Starbucks. 2nd complaint, grocery section is like 4 aisles of nothing I ever buy. 3rd complaint, it’s just a weird layout. So, I made San Mateo Target my regular store. Even though its a bout 30 minutes from my house, it actually happens to be literally next door to my office, so it worked out. There were a few times when I would brave the Mountain View location.

Well, last night on my way home from work I got the target itch. I needed some spray bleach to clean the shower and some other items. But, I was already home when I decided I wanted to go. I thought about it and remembered that the Sunnyvale Target was to open in November 2009, so I got thought to get online and find an actual date.

BAM! the store opened on Sunday! Jeremy came along with me and we checked out my new favorite shopping location.


It’s so awesome! The flowers were created by local Sunnyvale Artists. So fun.

And the inside is great. The downstairs is all parking and the upstairs is the store. Way better than the old parking situation. This is super convenient. The store itself as a serious Grocery department. Complete with meats, baked goods, and produce!!! For serious. Jeremy and I were blown away. He even said the Starbucks licensed store inside was “legit” It’s very much like a real little Starbucks.

Ended up stocking up on groceries, because the prices are insane. My favorite cereal (which I couldn’t find at other Target locations, and costs $4+ a box at Safeway) was $2.04 a box! Awesome! I can eat Chocolate Chex whenever  I damn well please from now on…

I’m so happy. My Target is back and better than ever. Sorry, San Mateo, but I’ll still visit.