Month: November 2009


Going to buy this tonight: It’s 9 feet tall. So stoked. I have never done a fake tree before. When living with my parents, we always cut them down. When living with my sister, we’ve always either gone to cut one down or bought one at the lot (or Target!) Last year, we didn’t even […]


I could barely enjoy my grilled cheese lunch today thanks to needing 3 anesthesia shots from the dentist this afternoon. 🙁  I’m currently working on getting my teeth issues taken care of before the end of the year. and it kind of  has my stomach in knots… But, it’s my own fault. Should have taken […]

Oh Happy day.

So, The target in my town, Sunnyvale, closed in January of 2009. it was very upsetting. I remember very vividly, Sarah and I went for a regular shopping trip to our local target, and noticed that half the store was cleaned out! Just empty shelves everywhere, and people breaking down displays. So, we asked, and […]