Tree decorating. Old News.

On Black Friday at about 2am, Stephanie and Mario convinced me to attempt to get cheap TV’s. I had been wanting one. So, I ventured out into the Freeezing cold, half asleep and slumped into the car. (Thank you Steph and Mario for driving to Sunnyvale. I wouldn’t have gone otherwise, for fear of falling asleep at the wheel. I was that tired) The cold woke me right up! And we had quick bite at Denny’s and went to scout out Both Sunnyvale and Mountain View Targets, and the Mt. View Walmart. Well, the NEW Sunnyvale Target had the shortest line, so, we decided to get in that one. It’s bigger, and newer. So, my thought was more merchandise. Maybe? eh. Well, we got in and, no one walked away with a new TV, because they went fast, and we didn’t have the maps telling us where they were (not in Electronics).  BUT, I did get a $3 Crockpot, and $3 Coffeemaker. So, I still win. :)

After going to bed at 7am, and waking up at about 2pm. I decided to put my tree up! I wasted no time. Really, I was tempted to put it up the night before Thanksgiving. Anyhow, I got it up, minus a section towards the bottom. Yeah, I had to leave out about 2 feet. I should have measured my ceilings before assuming a 9ft tree would fit. Oh well. Fortunately Jeremy got off work just as I was struggling with and helped me get it together.

Just as I had finished getting it up Laura, John, and Ryan came over after their busy day of shopping and Donating. A special treat, since it meant that I had a helper for decorating my still huge tree! Ryan and I spent most of their visit placing Ornaments on my tree. And it looks Awesome, if I do say so myself.





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