Just a preview.

Just a preview.

Still haven’t got anything done that’s really notable enough to blog about. But, I’m preparing for a few projects in my apartment. Here’s a sneak peek:

So, I created this little mock up, using my favorite website, Polyvore.

However, there will be some variations. ¬†The smaller photos (which are intended to be stand ins for my Black and White photos of various old Hollywood actors) are being switched out with some colorful art prints and Sita Rupe ¬†paintings I purchased instead. Also, the brown wall, is a bit of a lighter brown. AND, sadly, I will not have the DOT coffee table. But, that’s okay. maybe I’ll find something wood on Craigslist eventually to use.

Here are some pics from my preparation last night:

Buying paint at OSH, the color in the can came out wrong, so it had to be redone. the sample on the counter is what i’m going for, and ended up getting.

Elsa, getting prepped for her mounting at the Michaels framing table.

60% custom framing at Michaels this week!!!!! I’m actually glad I waited so long to take care of it. Homegirl has been chilling in my closet for a few months :/ But, she looks great!

That’s all for my preparations for now.

Check out my sis in laws Nursery creation/makeover, over at emmiebee.com. You can see some in progress pics here, and the amazing finished product here.

Go here to for Polyvore! It’s so fun.

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