Job interview attire.

Job interview attire.

I had a losing battle with my closet tonight while trying to pick out an outfit to wear to a job interview tomorrow. This is the 2nd interview I’ve struggled to outfit myself for since my most recent loss of employment.

It’s making me crazy.

And I assume it can only get worse. I have very little “professional” attire at this stage in my life. At my 3 last jobs, I had a very comfortable dress code, meaning I really had almost no dress code, other than “wear clothes”. On top of the fact that I have gained a, lets say “noticeable” amount of weight in the past year and few months. With that, I have also been out of work a good chunk of time and not had the funds to restock my wardrobe with very many new clothes to fit my newer larger body. So, I’m quite limited. It’s really frustrating. I used to love getting dressed up for a job interview. My Mom bought me a fantastic Ann Klein suit when I got my first office job years ago. It’s a size 8. And I want to cry, because that was my interview outfit when I fit into it, and it was so fun to wear my suit, and I felt so confident wearing it. And tomorrow I have to fake confidence in some tight fitting Gap trousers and a cheap blazer.

Wish me luck.

I’ll be at the gym afterward.

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