Here I go!

Here I go!


So, you may or may not have heard that I have started working again.

Yeah. The job I was stressing about interviewing for. I got it. I started on Monay, and am loving it! I have my own huge cubicle and desk! Yes, I am excited about my cubicle. I have a plaque with my name on it just at the entrance. It’s pretty rad.

I started doing actual work (not even training) within hours of starting, it feels so good. I started during a really hectic week, so there is a ton to do. Fortunately I have had some relax time, and am totally ready to take anything on, I feel like.

The company is great, the people are awesome, we are provided with snacks and good coffee. My coworkers took me for a Sushi lunch yesterday to welcome me to the team, and today (and twice a month), The company buys everyone a pizza lunch. Awesome. I got pretty damn lucky. I hate interviewing and only had to go through about 3 total. So, Thank you to whoever is watching out for me <3

I feel good here. It feels right. I’m still new and still adjusting and feeling everything out obviously. But, I can see myself doing really well with the company, and I plan to. So, here I go…

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  1. That is fabulous, Krust. Sounds like it will be a great place to work. Cheers!

  2. i’m so happy your loving your new job! woo hoo!!!

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