I will tiptoe down that line but I will feel unstable.

I will tiptoe down that line but I will feel unstable.

Skirt: Old Navy

Leggings: Urban Outfitters

Thermal: Forever 21

Scarf: Forever 21

Belt: Forever 21 (came with another top)

Boots: Target

Big ol’ bag/ duffel/Purse: Forever 21 (L<3VE this thing)

I had my hair done last weekend, but after washing it was too lazy to blow dry and style it. This is the result of air drying and throwing it in a messy bun to keep out of my face while I sew.  It looked SO nice after having it done. I need to get myself in a better routine so I can get all the things I want to, done. Such as blow drying and sometimes even straightening my hair. I feel like I don’t have time for anything, but at that same time don’t feel like I do enough to not have the time for those things. sheesh! I’m a mess.

I need to find balance. I need to figure out how I can be happy working full time every day, and then still find the time to do the creative things I am constantly anxious to work on, when the work day is over. AND do my laundry, prepare a decent meal, spend time with my friends and family, make time for just me, pamper myself, workout. Okay, now I think I’m going to have a panic attack. There is just not enough time for it all. How do you do it all?

Yes, this post title is from the Papa Roach song “Tightrope” it was the hidden track on the album I had. Always really liked that song.

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  1. adorable! you look beauts.

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