Love and Happiness: attending a wedding.

Love and Happiness: attending a wedding.

On Saturday, I got to go to a wedding! I felt so honored to have been invited. I love getting dressed up, and planning outfits (especially for fancier occasions). Once I found something to wear and had it all planned (and even mapped) out with jewelry to match, I was just over excited and anxious to get ready. I started to get ready wayyy too early. But, I knew I wanted to snap a few pictures before I left.

I love the dress, but the sizes didn’t cooperate with my body as much as I would have liked. The 12 was reallllly tight in the hips and butt. Sitting down would have been an issue. things may have ripped :/ So I tried the 14. The 14 fit great in the hips and butt, however, I apparently do not have the boobs of a size 14, and the top could have fit another cup size or 2. It was pretty loose and my bra popped out a 2 times in back 🙁 but, when it did 2 super nice ladies (one being the bride) came to my rescue and discretely tucked it back in real quick. THANK YOU!

Dress: H&M

Pumps: Forever 21

Clutch: It’s not a pillow. Made by me. I bought the fabric as a remnant from Joann Fabrics. It felt like a nice sturdy canvas, perfect for a bag, I LOVED the color. As I started constructing the bag, I realized it was straight up outdoor upholstery fabric. CRAP! Oh well, I kept with it. 2 people asked if it was a pillow. Whatev. I still like it.

The little things:

Antiqued gold multi chain necklace: Forever 21

Amber Heart charm necklace: A gift my brother gave to my Mother.

Ring: My Mother’s

This is a ring she had made from her wedding ring and a sapphire anniversary ring from my Father. After my parents separated, she had them melted down and made into something a little more wearable, I guess.  It is missing one sapphire, which I hope to replace someday.

Saturday was the first time I ever really wore the ring. I’ve put it on a few times, but never really wore it out of the house. I plan to more. It’s a really rad ring, and fits me perfectly. My and my Mother had matching man looking hands.  I was pretty excited to top my outfit off with a few of my Mother’s special pieces. She loved to dress up just as much, if not more, than I do!

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  1. I love this dress. The shape is so cute as are the lovely polka dots.So Chic!

  2. Super cute dress! It looks great on you 🙂

  3. liz

    LOVE this dress! Is it current? I hope so because I am going to go to H&M tomorrow to try to find it! At the risk of sounding like a dress-obsessed creep, if you ever wanted to get it off of your hands, I’d totally buy it from you!

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