Satchel up!

Satchel up!

This photo of a vintage Luella Satchel from JAK & JIL BLOG isĀ  haunting me. No joke. It’s everywhere I look and it’s gorgeous.

Image credit: JAK & JIL BLOG.

I would love a great satchel. It’s such a lovely structured bag.

I have been scouring a few sites on a hunt for one to call my own. Here are a few that I Love:

1. Warehouse Leather Buckle Satchel Bag from ASOS.

2. Kimchi Blue Sophisticated Satchel from Urban Outfitters.

3. Buckle Strap Leather Satchel from Topshop.


Any of the Mulberry Alexa bags. Because, it’s damn perfect. ( Look at the GRAPE!) But, let’s face it. I’d be too scared to carry a bag of that caliber around.

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