Friday in braids.

While I was out today on a post office run and to pick up some fabric.

Layered shirt and long sleeve: Old Navy

Black skinnies: Old Navy

Scarf: Forever 21

Clark’s Desert boots: Nordstrom Rack

Grey Heartstrings tote: Krust.

My outfit is mostly a joke. I stayed low key today (when am I not?) But a tad more relaxed today since I was running on a little less sleep than usual. I stayed up until about 530am with my Sister in Law to watch William and Kate get married! And woke up around 10am. It was fun to watch live. I got butterflies a few times. It was very sweet. I love seeing them together. Even though I always dreamed of marrying Prince William… I am so happy to see that they ended up together. Love love loved it all.

I put my hair in milkmaid braids today. I really need to rock this ‘do more often. I really love it, and it keep all my hair out of my face while sewing. Quite practical.


Happy Weekend everyone!

What I <3 Wednesday.

I recently stumbled across Lollipops. I  love discovering other creative people on the web to get inspiration from. (Also, LOVE how her name is spelled).  Fun stuff. I Love the What I love Wednesday posts. And had the perfect post to contribute. In my opinion at least. because I’m so obsessed right now.

What I LOVE: 70’s dress patterns, (and a few capes)

Over the weekend while I wan hanging out with my Sister in Law, she had mentioned she wanted a very specific style dress to wear to a friends wedding that we are attending in September. She had it all pictured in her head. Well it sure sounded that way. I believe the description was something along the lines of above knee skirt, aline shape dress with long balloon sleeves, and a modest neckline. Solid colored fabric with  a sheer overlay, with the sleeves only in the the sheer fabric only. She’s always been a 70’s child. I’m pretty sure the first  time I met her she was wearing bell bottoms, and ALWAYS had the craziest STACKED platforms. Well, we started to chat about constructing this dress vision she had, and at some point I decided to search for some 70’s dress patterns to use or get design inspiration from. Well, after sifting through a good 2,000 + patterns we had started a bit of a collection on Pinterest. I am now more obsessed with some of these styles of dresses that I was thinking I’d be. I want to make myself (and Emily) a nice collection of 70’s reproduction dresses this year. I can’t wait! I love it all, the sleeves, the ruffles, the necklines, the waistlines. Going to make some LOVELY stuff to wear.


Fabric shopping for this is going to be so fun.





Keepin’ it simple.

I wore this out to the Post office and to run some errands yesterday. My hair is a bit of a mess. I had straightened it on Easter Sunday, but ended up throwing it up into a bun later in the day, as I always do. It ends up creased and kind of wild. Sometimes I can pass it off as wavy. But, looking back at these pics, I probably should have left it up. haha! oh well.

Top: Forever 21

Cardigan: TJ Maxx

Jeans: H&M

Flats: Urban Outfitters

Clutch: Krust.

I Love these Gold Kimchi and Blue bow flats. I really wish I could get another pair. They are getting pretty ratty. I have had them for years. I scored them for $4.99 when I worked at Urban Outfitters. I miss getting first dibs on deep deep discounted items found hidden behind shelves and storage. That was one the greatest perks. I scored a lot of great stuff for super cheap working there.

And we are off…

This week is off to a pretty great start.

Doily clutches in Tan. In the SHOP.

My Monday was pretty productive! I got an early start. I tend to start later and work into the night. But, today I was out of bed by 9 and started getting things done almost right away. I worked to finish a few orders and sent some bags out. It was great that I got the early start since I had a dinner and movie date night planned. Saw Insidious. That was some intense stuff. yeesh. Who am I kidding, I LOVE scary movies. So, the intenser, the better?

I’m pretty excited about today. Lisa is taking the train down to my neck of the woods to work with me! I Love having makeshift coworkers for a day. Lisa volunteered to come cut fabric and hang out. Lisa is being given a sewing machine and wants to learn how to sew some home decor stuff, so it’ll be fun to have her to sew with and maybe learn some new things together. Tomorrow we have some fun things planned:

– Starbucks run (first and foremost)

– Prepare fabric for a few bags I have on my list to make.

– Test out my new Gingher Rotary cutter!

– Work on a few clutches Lisa and I have discussed previously.

– Eat some sort of yummy lunch.

– Break time in the Hot Tub.


That is the plan for Tuesday! Should be a nice day. I can’t wait. On that note. I’m going to sleeeeeeep. <3


Some floral couture for the shop.

One solitaire pretty floral envelope clutch. I had some of this fabric leftover from a skirt I made last year. I decided to make myself a clutch to wear on Easter. Well, I didn’t end up wearing it. And, my collection really is getting out of hand. So, I’m letting go. I do not have anymore of this fabric, so this may be the only one.

Find it in the shop HERE.

My Leese, and her Easter stripes.

Lisa had something to do with this bag coming to fruition. She has a lot to do with a  few upcoming designs too. She’s a thinker! Lisa mentioned she had liked the original striped clutch I had done. And while I planned to eventually do another. Lisa had requested one for her personal collection and it really accelerated the process. So, Yay Lisa! Because, this might be my favorite bag.

I am so happy she sent me these photos tonight. I Love seeing my clutches in use and being enjoyed. Makes my heart all a flutter.

Check out Lisa rocking her clutch at Easter brunch, looking gorgeous! (Peep the nail polish! Love it.)

AND, of course… Get your own in the shop! Black and White Striped zipper clutch on Etsy.


Week in iPhone photos.

I didn’t do to good with the picture taking last week. But, here is what I did get!

A GORGEOUS rainbow! Lisa’s Heartstrings messenger <3 find it HERE! Some Lego art, I LOVE playing with Legos. My Sister in law’s, Father’s new stereo and record player, it sounded so good. I hecka want a record player now. Floral clutches for Easter! and my home cut bangs.  Party.


Tan Heartstrings tote, another revamp.

As I continue to list new designs, I am still going back and slowly updating the original heartstrings line a bit. As you have seen in the Tan messenger and the Black messenger. Last week I reworked the Tan tote. It has thicker sturdier handles, a cleaner Heartstrings design, and is generally just photographed better. Check it out:

See the Heartstrings tote bag in my shop, HERE.


I’m still getting the hang of my shop photography. Trying different things to get the best results. I made a lightbox, but my lamp puts off really yellow lighting, even though it’s supposed to be white. So, daylight is still the winner. It would be nice to have some flexibility with time for photo taking. But, I suppose, you can’t win em’ all. You gotta admit, they are getting better though!

Trying to find the in-betweens

So, ever since I first heard this song, I have been sort of in love… I put it on my iPhone a couple weeks ago. I rock out in my car and get excited when the darn “Prom” movie trailer comes on with the song playing in the background. Well, tonight I looked up the lyrics. (I’m such a sucker for lyrics in songs) Lyrics always make me love or hate a song even more. And this one was no exception. This is numero uno on my current playlist.

Young Blood – the Naked and The Famous.

We’re only young and naive still. We require certain skills. The mood it changes like the wind. Hard to control when it begins.

The bittersweet between my teeth. Trying to find the in-betweens. Fall back in love eventually. Yeah yeah yeah yeah.

Can’t help myself but count the flaws. Claw my way out through these walls. One temporary escape. Feel it start to permeate.

We lie beneath the stars at night. Our hands gripping each other tight. You keep my secrets hope to die. Promises, swear them to the sky.

The bittersweet between my teeth. Trying to find the in-betweens. Fall back in love eventually. Yeah yeah yeah yeah.

As it withers, Brittle it shakes, Can you whisper, As it crumbles and breaks, As you shiver, Count up all your mistakes, Pair of forgivers, Let go before it’s too late
Can you whisper
Can you whisper
Can you whisper
Can you whisper

The bittersweet between my teeth. Trying to find the in-betweens. Fall back in love eventually. Yeah yeah yeah yeah.
The bittersweet between my teeth. Trying to find the in-betweens. Fall back in love eventually. Yeah yeah yeah yeah.