My favorite shorts.

My favorite shorts.


I Love these shorts. They are absolutely part of my everyday Summer uniform. I would LOVE them in black denim! I may have to work on DIY-ing myself a pair.


Starting a list of DIY short projects to tackle!

Scalloped shorts would be so sweet and girly. THIS tutorial is in my list of to do’s.

I just think THESE are plain amazing. And hope to bust out a pair asap.

And, I would LOVE a pair of floral print shorts. I gotta work on finding a good pattern to make a pair!



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  1. floral print anything is my love these days. so shorts would be on my list for sure 🙂 make me some too! lol! 🙂

    (oh by the way, this is kristin1028 from twitter haha!)

  2. I love those shorts. But, we are also necklace twins. I always love finding a piece that I share with other stylish bloggers. It makes me feel like I am doing something right 😉

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