Denim on Denim.

Don’t you love cleaning out your closet and finding clothes buried in the back you forgot that even had? I do! I have been organizing and going through my closet this week. Getting back into deep dark corners. A couple nights ago I dug out this skirt. I bought it when I worked at Urban Oufitters. I used to have it both blue and black denim. My dumb butt got rid of the blue years ago. Thankfully, I kept this one. Because, I love it. I was surprised to find that it still fits (it does have a lot of stretch). It’s super comfy, and I’m stoked. Can’t wait to see what else I find! I am going through my extensive denim (lots of jeans!!!!) collection this weekend. And yes, I actually at one point literally, and physically “collected” jeans. I am not confident that I will be able to get rid of any. I Love my denim.

Striped tank: Forever 21

Denim Jacket: Gap

Pencil skirt: Lux via Urban Outfitters

Bag: Krust.

I wasn’t sure if my denim jacket was going to work with this black denim pencil skirt. But, once I had it on I really kind of dug it… I haven’t been brave enough to try the all blue denim on denim yet. But, I LOVE some looks I have seen. This might be more in my personal denim on denim comfort zone.

Week(s) in iPhone #14

Some photos from over the last two weeks, about.

I painted my nails a lot! Thank you, Pinterest for the constant inspiration! I worked on drawing up NEW bag designs (which I am SOOO excited for), with the help from my nephew. Keep an eye out! Seriously. Emily and I put some fun colors in our hair. I made new hang tags for bags heading out. I worked on an order for some Bridesmaids!!!! I ate leftover BDay ice cream (note: I need to go back to Hagen-Dazs for more). I put my feet in the sprinklers while babysitting. I watched on while my AMAZING brother replaced my squeaking brake pads, so I could drive safely to Lake Tahoe! Oh, and then I went to LAKE TAHOE!

I spent 2 quick days in beautiful Incline Village with Lisa and her family. I had my own bedroom and got to breath the fresh mountain air and sit by the lake for a nice quick, cheap vacation. Just what I needed right now. I wish I could have stayed longer. But, there’s always next time. I hope  :)


I got back home late Tuesday night last week, and have been so busy since! Working on getting out bag orders! and lot’s of babysitting. I’m trying to make all the money I can right since I am moving in TWO WEEKS!!!! More on that later…. 😀


Oh hey, how about some links!


Have you seen this outfit post from Elsie! My heart was pounding so fast when I checked my reader and saw that <333

I really want this dress, but in another color… Thinking about recreating my own!

Totally want to do this zig-zag shorts DIY, minus the studs.

I very much NEED to replicate my sewing machine with Legos. I think my family will agree.